Thirty Five years in the photography industry, I've been a part of many lives, special events and seen things I could right a book about...However I have the reputation for keeping my eyes open and my experiences confidential!  

I'm passionate about working with Those who Step Up and are committed to Fellow Humans Being, Mother Earth and Children in a positive manner! I believe that our children learn more from our actions than words and need to be surrounded by Confidence, Compassion, Passion and Unity to balance out the low vibration of Negativity.

One of my greatest rewards is to have 2nd and 3rd generation clients come back so I may capture precious memories of their own families!  I'm often told it's the experience they had as children during our shoot that allowed them to "Just Be", combined with my sense of humor, passion for nature and art, timing and my interpretion which captured them authentically. They remember our fun experience when they look at portraits displayed proudly in their parents homes. I truly believe we can make a positive impact on children. As an Empath I totally connect very easily! I've always said Kids and Kritters are transparent and I honor who they are during our time together. 


Many of my Past images have appeared online and in local, national and international print mediums. I invite you take a look at my references to see how I conduct Business and interact with Clients! 

I've had the opportunity to Photograph Many Interesting Public Figures and Events.  A few of these include... Michelle Obama, Oprah, Dallas Mavericks, Mark Cuban, Kings of Leon, P!nk, Black Eyed Peas, Jason Aldean, John Legend, Sugarland, Snoop Dogg, P. Diddy, KISS, Brooks & Dunn, Tony Bennett, Don Henley, Sharon Gless, Cher, Margaret Cho, Lucy Lawless, Dr. Phil McGraw, Harrison Ford, Garth Brooks, Sarah McLachlan and Lilith Fair, The Judds, Kid Kraddick and Kidds Kids, Women of the L Word, HRC, Colonel Grethe Cammermeyer and many former Dallas Cowboys Jay Novacek, Troy Aikman, Jason Garrett, Bill Bates, Ken Norton Jr., Michael Irvin, Emmit Smith, Tony Dorsett and Chad Henning to name a few. I've also been a part of the North Texas Superbowl Celebration which honored many Hall of Fame NFL players. Over the years I have also help many Philanthropic Organizations.